​What Are Graphic Organizers?

A simple definition of a graphic organizer is a visual representation of ideas, information, and processes.Graphic organizers can assist in scaffolding student learning.

An example of a graphic organizer with which everyone is familiar is the calendar. Other examples of graphic organizers include charts, tables, graphs, and concept maps.

Learning Resources: Graphic Organizers TeacherTap offers links to articles about the use of graphic organizers in the classroom as well as links to graphic organizers.

How to Mind Map Peter Russell offers some quick tips on mind mapping.

Let's Practice

KWL Charts are an easy way to help your students begin their learning. What do you know; what do you what to know; and what have you learned about Graphic Organizers?

Read and complete a graphic organizer to assist you in organizing your thoughts and ideas.

Graphic Organiz​ers

Printable Organizers
Graphic Organizers from Eduplace
Printable Graphic Organizers for Teachers, Grades K-12, a collection of ready-to-use graphic organizers
Graphic Organizers Worksheets from Enchanted Learning

Both Printable & Online Organizers

Graphic Organizer Interactives & 18 Literacy Strategy Site
Writing FunJenny Eather offers text organizers for students; printables and interactive organizers
Business Charts-Templates by Microsoft-Download fillable templates to help students organize their thinking
Interactive Graphic Organizers-Download a PDF organizer, type in your comments, and print it out.

Online Organizers

Bubbl.usA simple and free web application that lets you brainstorm online
BBC Pinball Fun and simple tools to kick start your thinking
Mind42.comCollaborative mind mapping in your browser
ExploratreeFree web resource where you can access a library of ready-made interactive thinking guides, print them, edit them or make your own. You can share them and work on them in groups
**Gliffy**Download & share diagrams online

Free Teaching Tools and Resources for Teachers Active learning places where students can engage in robust discussions, analyze complex information, pursue investigations, and solve problems.
**ReadWriteThink Webbing Tool** Free-form graphic organizer for activities that ask students to pursue hypertextual thinking and writing; check out ReadWriteThink Student Interactives for more online organizers

Text 2 Mind Map Web application that converts texts to mind maps.
**Mindomo** Online mind mapping application

Create, manage, and share graphic organizers online and access them anytime from anywhere.