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Mark Moore, West Virginia State Department of Education, offers the following video tutorials.
Introduction to Google Earth

The Good Earth: See the World with Google's Mapping ProgramRead an article from Amy Standen, a former contributing editor to Edutopia, describing how teachers are using Google Earth in the classroom.

Explore Your Earth
Scholastic's Explore Your Earth lesson plans use Google Earth to teach environmental subjects such as global warming.

Google Earth Resources for Geography Teachers
A wealth of Web sites that will help enrich the Google Earth experience for you and your students, plus handy tips.
SketchUp, another classroom-friendly, free application from Google; allows students to make three-dimensional models and, in combination with Google Earth, explore the world in 3-D.

Jumping into Google Earth

1. View an image of your home, school or any place on Earth - Click Fly To. Enter the location in the input box and click the Search button. In the search results (Places panel), double click the location.

2. Get driving directions from one place to another and fly (follow) the route

3. Search for a famous landmark.

4. Locate a business of interest to you.

5. Measure the distance from one point to another.

6. View recent historical imagery for a favorite location. Choose the "Clock" button from the menu to enable Historical Imagery.

7. View 3D terrain of a place. This is more fun with hilly or mountainous terrain, such as the Grand Canyon. Go to a location. When the view shows the location, use the zoom slider to tilt the terrain

Google Earth Resources

**Google for Educators-Geo Education** Helpful information on using Google Earth, Maps, Sky, and SketchUp in your K-12 classroom

Google Earth Forum- Discussion area for students and teachers using Google Earth

**Google Earth Virtual Voyages, Virtual Field Trips: Resources**
Links to items such as podcasts on using the various tools in Google Earth; collection of 3D models created in Google SketchUp; site highlighting use of Google Earth in math curriculum

Google Earth Resources for Educators
Files, tutorials, links to help teachers use Google Earth in the classroom

**GoogleEarthGoods**Cindy Lane has a plethora of links to lessons, presentations, and ideas for use of Google Earth

History Tours is a collaborative website that gives teachers access to pre-made Google Earth tours on various topics in American and World history.

Google Lit TripsTeacher-created trips that highlight locations in books; tutorials on how to use Google Earth

**Real World Math**Find lesson ideas, examples, and downloads for mathematics that embrace active learning, constructivism, and project-based learning while remaining true to the standards

Google Earth GalleryCheck out lots of "trips" using Google Earth, ex. Rome Colosseum, bridges, skyscrapers, major league baseball stadiums, and more

Google Earth TutorialsSet of tutorials to help you understand how to use the fun, powerful features of Google Earth; tutorials provide a hands-on lesson using the application

Howstuffworks How Google Earth WorksArticles including Basic Functions; Google Sky; Concerns About Google Earth, and more