Google Tools for Schools

Before we begin our workshop, let's take a survey created with Google Docs, Forms.

If you do not have a Google account, you can create one at Google. Click Sign-in in the upper right-hand corner. Under Don't have a Google Account?, click Create an Account Now and complete the form.

Collaboration with Google Docs

    • Upload from and save to your desktop
    • Edit anytime, from anywhere
    • Pick who can access your documents
    • Share changes in real time
    • Files are stored securely online

Workshop Tasks

  1. Watch video.
  2. Collaboratively edit a document.
  3. Create a document.
  4. Share a document.
  5. Upload a document.
  6. Create a Google Calendar.


For Further Investigation

Self-Grading Quizzes with Google Forms

Google-Certified Teacher Jesse Spevack has created a video to show how to create self-grading quizzes at How to Create Self-grading Quizzes Using Google Forms
Check out R. Pollack's blog on Self-grading multiple-choice tests with Google Docs